5)  Introduction to Scratch Board            

Where:            505 Deerwood Dr.

When:             March 11

Time:               10:00am-12:00noon

Text Box: by Michael HannonFee:                  $25.00

An introduction to the use of scratch board. Scratch board allows the production of highly detailed images by scratching away a black layer off of a white ground, which allows highly detailed and dramatic images. Scratch board is most used for commercial art, partly because it photo reproduced for printing well, but it can also be used for interesting things in fine art as well. I enjoy this medium myself, and very much look forward to sharing this with others.  

Materials        scratch board paper, and scratch tools, included in cost of class.

Instructor Michael Hannon.

Michael has been an artist for thirty years, and has a particular interest in sharing techniques that I think can expand your range of expression. I have a particular fondness for scratch board as a technique that I feel is both great fun, and under utilized. 

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